IKAREM - The sky is the limit

What We Do

IKAREM is a design-led manufacturing company that creates beautiful, useful and enduring products. We believe that the key to this lies in the integrity of our ideas and quality of our products.

We are passionate about design - it’s what we do best. Our collective expertise allows us to work across a broad range of product categories delivering unique solutions.

We are compelled by creativity and our process is design-led throughout. As a business, we are about putting our creative soul into our products.

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For the past 15 years the founders of IKAREM have worked for manufacturing businesses and design consultancies across a diverse range of industries delivering products from concept to production. These include:

  • consumer goods
  • hi-tech
  • biomed
  • industrial machinery
  • domestic appliances
  • leisure equipment
  • transport
  • cycling accessories and
  • commercial furniture

Previously they have developed products for leading brands such as Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Knog, Zenith Interiors, and even The Coca-Cola Company.

IKAREM is born out of their collected experience, shared insights and broad creative vision.